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MyMobility Home Health Care, 

21 -  5 star rating and counting on Google

We have reached out to Gary on numerous occasions for assistance with a variety of mobility devices. Every time he has provided us with the equipment in an extremely timely manner, the equipment has been is excellent condition and his  prices are very good. He has gone above and beyond in assisting us with assessments, rental equipment and outright purchases. We highly recommend Gary and his entire team!

Kim Dickson -

 One month ago

I contacted Gary regarding my husband's chair as it seemed to freeze. I had checked all the plugs I could and nothing was working. A service person was over within 15 minutes and had it fixed so quickly (loose plug). Am forever grateful for such prompt action on My Mobility's part. This chair is where my husband spends his life. Thank you once again for such great service.

S Meadows


"Just wanted to say 'thank you' to Gary at Mymobility Ltd over at Cedar Point. My wife and I are visiting Barrie from the UK, and my wife's mobility scooter had a broken wheel bearing which was making our visit difficult.Gary kindly replaced the bearing in his workshop while we waited, and then refused to take any payment.So very kind Gary - you saved our holiday! So I can completely recommend this place if you have any mobility related problems.Thanks again.Paul & Maggie"


I meant to send you a quick email to thank you for your help re picking the chair and the toilet husband is really pleased with them both and it has made my life a little easier.

Thanks again for being so helpful.




Roxanne King reviewed MyMobility — 5 star ·Jan-10/16

I received amazing care and support from this company during a difficult time .

I would and have already highly recommended this establishment to others in need of great mobility care .

Please spread the word .. You won't be disappointed !!

Thank you again for all you have done for our family




Hi Gary, Just a brief note of appreciation for the new seat. The chair is much more comfortable than it ever was. Understandably, most folks wouldn't appreciate the usefulness of this mobility item to someone like me so your effort to fix it quickly is much appreciated.

Thanks again, John



Having had my Invacare Auriga scooter from you for several months I wish to thank you sincerely for your help & patience in helping me choice my first machine, spending a lot of time answering questions and even coming to my house to personally do free adjustments concerning wheels and batteries. This was far and away above normal customer and warranty service and is much appreciated.No wonder all your customers are so completely satisfied with your more that fair prices, knowledge and very friendly service......Keep it up, my friend !!PC

James, Barrie, Ont. Nov 4 , 2015


Dale Steeves, Orillia Ont

Hi Gary

Thank you so much far all your help in getting me mobile with my scooter. I absolutely love it and have had many comments about it. We always tell people where we got it and hope you get many more sales. Service has been terrific. We are more than pleased with everything.


Thank you so much for the help and great service in finding the perfect scooter for my husband. This will give him much more independence and freedom. We are living in an adult community so just going for a ride and saying hello to the neighbors means a lot. He can also go to our clubhouse for any functions and go to the store if he just wants to get out for some fresh air.

You have been very helpful in guiding us through the maze of "scooterland" as novices.

We will definitely pass your name onto anyone in the market for scooters.

Eva and Gord

Gravenhurst, Ont.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for your attention to my purchase. The information on the GEL batteries has been passed on to my son, the user and he is meticulous in looking after those things with his background.

I surely appreciate your service and am happy to have dealt with you.

The best for the new year.

Harold Wood,

Nova Scotia, Canada.


Hello ... We, hubby and I, just found out about you and your company (by word of mouth) and already we are spreading the word that YOURS is the place to go for help, peace of mind and VALUE. Mobility issues need not consume your life when you are in touch with folks who genuinely care and assist you. My Mobility is that sort of place.

After a week or more of torture dealing with another local company, we were left holding the bag so to speak with a wheelchair that would not work . They did not address our problem and kept putting us off delaying the return of my husband's wheelchair. Reason given was that they were stumped and now were having to call in an outside technician...more cost for us.

Having MS is problem enough with very limited mobility .... we did not need this aggravation and the stress was starting to show. . We eventually went and got it back (not fixed) after hearing about you from a friend who lives in our condo building..

Within an hour of getting it to you, were able to diagnose the problem, order the parts and provide a loaner so my husband could at least get around while we wait for the chair to be fixed... This may not be monumental for some but for us it was like a huge burden being lifted off our shoulders.

Thank you Gary for coming into our lives just when we needed you. Someone up there is looking out for us along with you. Looking forward to a long relationship with you and your company. Many thanks

Denis and Juliette Bertrand, Barrie, Ontario


I would like to express my sincere thanks for how good the item was packed and the excellent condition the carton was in when I received it. Also very impressed with the scooter. Very easy to assemble and not too heavy individual pieces. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.

Brian O., Regina SK.


Hi Gary, just a short message to let you know that I have received my new scooter and I am very pleased with it , it is exactly what I was looking for . Thank you so much

Tina S.

Timmins Ont.


Thank you again. Much appreciated. My dad loves his freedom and his independence with his little Lamborghini. Here's a pic of him tonight at Sherway Mall. Cheers!

Robert S.

Toronto, Ont.


Hello I'd like to wish everyone at My Mobility a Merry Christmas.

I would also like to say thank you to a very kind man whom I call an Angel.

A few months ago I put a want ad in Kijiji online "calling all angels" I was

looking for a donation of a wheelchair for my girlfriend who was born with

half a left leg. We are both unable to work and are on Disability and she

desperately needed a wheelchair as she cant wear her prosthetic leg longer

than a few hours . I just wanted every one to know that Mr. Gary Harrison

was that Angel. He called me and we went down to pick it up. We got talking

and I was telling him how I needed a new scooter, and again this Angel helped

me. I will have my new scooter in January thanks to Gary. I tell him he is an

Angel but he says he,s not . Gary is a modest , hard worker , family man who

doesn't realize how happy he has made us and he never even knew us.

Thank you again so much Gary for answering our prayers and needs.

Sincerely , Lorna

Orillia, Ontario


Subject: Re: mobility devices !

From Gail M. Uxbridge Ontario

Hi Gary! I would like to rebook that apt. with you at 3 today until Monday at the same time . Bursitis is attacking my right leg and I should give it a chance to settle down for a day or 2. Please let me know if that will work for you. Cheers! Gail. PS My doctor has heard nothing but good things about your company.


AWESOME DEAL! great product, fast ship,grt communic, super service.Very pleased!Buyer:

Member id lac_bernard3

View Item Brand New Phoenix Mobility Scooter

MANY THANKS! 5 STARS!Buyer: Member id christcrosby

Mobility Scooter Pilot 4 No HST! By Drive/Active Care Canada

very professional ppl when i needed to call them. lovely acc for the scooterBuyer:

Member id 2011dlg914 ( Feedback Score Of 51)

Charles W. Charlton

Oshawa ON

Dear Gary:

I purchased an electric scooter from you last year and I wanted you to know how pleased I have been with it. The scooter was bought for my Mother who no longer drives a car but still wants to go out shopping and be independent. It used to cost her $30 a week for a taxi to do her grocery shopping and if she forgot an item or needed something else it cost even more. Add to that the time it generally took waiting for the cab to pick her up it was not very convenient or pleasurable. Now she just goes to the garage gets on the scooter and rides in perfect comfort to the store whenever she feels like it. That alone has made the scooter worthwhile.

In addition she has to go to the Doctor once a month which was another $40 but again now she simply rides the scooter over. She also can go to the library, the Senior Center, Farmer’s Market and all the other things she used to miss being able to do. I can’t Thank you enough. Trying to go through the Government programs to get a Scooter was difficult, time consuming and in the end just as expensive and would have resulted in a scooter which did not meet her needs. The one you recommended was perfect. Speaking of money I calculated the savings on the shopping and Doctors visits alone at over $2000 in the first year alone. IF I added in the savings for all the other trips she now makes but couldn’t afford before it would easily double that figure which to me means the scooter has already more then paid for itself.

Thank you again for all your help and advice. You have given my Mother the independence she no longer had and freed her from the prison of being housebound.

Yours truly,

Charles W. Charles


Hi again Gary. Just a quick note to let you know that the new switch is in place, and everything is working fine. Thanks for your quick response to my request.I Love my scooter!


Brantford Ontario


Hi Gary,

Just a quick email to say again that it was nice to meet you and a pleasure dealing with you in the purchase and removal of my Mom's scooter and furniture from Victoria Village.

You are a true gentleman and I appreciate your promptness and efficiency in the whole transaction.

Best of luck , all the best to you and yours for the upcoming Holiday Season!


M. Duesbury (Barrie, Ontario.)

P.S.....I think I told you that Shoppers Home Health was going to charge Mom for delivery of the scooter, but I think I was mistaken and I believe it might be free, but in any case, what you told me about your company sounds much better in what you offer overall. Best wishes for the future and thanks again. Take care, Gary!


Hi Gary, thanks so much for everything. Bill and I am so impressed. Its so refreshing not to have to fight for something. Everywhere we go all they can say is sell your house etc and there is no way we are going to let them tell us what to do as Bill worked hard up to now and people dont understand. We will not let the MS dictate our lives (within reason) Disability sucks the life out of you and your savings too. Bill is so excited and so am I. It just seems amazing. I want Bill to have the freedom like everyone else as much as possible and to enjoy his home. The scooter makes it so nice to see him getting around and not have to sit on the couch forever. Im going to cry, so I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Terry and Bill


Hi SANTA..... oops Gary I just wanted to thank you so much for the fast delivery of my new mobility scooter. I am just thrilled with it. It is just what I needed and have been looking for. Your price is the best one I have seen and I have checked every where. Shoppers Home Health Care has one almost identical to this one and it was $300.00 more. Kijiji even though they have some good prices on things I found that some of the used scooters were still out of my price range. Again I am so happy to have a brand


new one and no worry of a sales pitch when you came, you were honest and sincere and told me that if for some reason I did not want it when you came that you would simple pack it back up no questions asked.

I appreciated the time you took to explain how it worked and folded down and came apart if needed and it looks simple to me. Because it can come apart into 5 pieces I think even I can load and unload it into our vehicle but if we leave it altogether my husband can lift it in that way as it doesn't weigh a lot.

Thanks again

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a very profitable New Year

Carol from Brampton Ontario


Hi Gary,

OH thank you very much. Now I can relax and wait for my scooter. Wish I had known about your company before. Thanks for placing an ad on kijiji. My family will be happy.Wanda Walsh.

“The level of service at MyMobility Ltd. is fantastic. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

Allan Courtice


hi gary, THIS IS TOTALY COOL, yes wanda is a very nice lady, i find the scooter i bought fromyou, big for me, mind you i loveit , i had a few good runs with it,

it will be perfect for wanda,

im not going to bother to look for a electric whelchair mtill the spring, im a complete shut in, when its colder than 65 degrees,

i have a disease called raynauds disease,and scleroderma, and the combination of the 2 is ver bad,

when it iscolder than 65 degrees my blood vessels and my veinscollapse going to my arms and legs, and if i dont get them warmed fast enugh the skin dies and i get gangrene ,

thats why im missing my fingers on both my hnds , i do have a wheelchair for inside the house,but come spring ill be looking for a electric wheelchair,i can use in and out of the house,

this is kinda funny,

like i said ilove the scooter, and this one hs lots of power for going up hills, i used it abu 5 times to go to the grocery store,my arms hurt alot ,ecause of how i had to hold them,and i had to sit forwards as well,

im just to mujch of a shrimp ,im 4 feet 10 inches tall, and around 76 pounds, so a kids woud likley work for me,

thanks so so much , wanda didnt mention your name till now,and you know this scooter better thananyone does,

i find that youare a vey kind person , wanda hinks the world of you for helping peple

so thankyou very much,

big hugs kat




Okay, that clears it. As to hazard lights I was thinking about all turning lights (yellow) flashing at once. I had that on my old Hurricane and found it useful in some situations. But thanks for a quick response, Gary. Scooter runs fantastically !!!



Hi Gary,

Just wanted to follow up on your mention of an owner's manual. Please email it if you can, or send it as soon as it's ready. My father (who love's his new scooter, bye the way) likes to have all these things in order!

Thanks for everything. The scooter is perfect for us,



I Purchased this for my husband who has CPOD. He still gets around but can't walk very far without help. We have only a small car Honda Civic. He loves this scooter because it was the best one to fit in our trunk.

Janet P. Wasaga Beach Ont.

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