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Elevating Patient Care with MyMobility Home Health Care Premier Patient Lifts Supplier in Canada

Updated: Jan 29

Navigating through the myriad of healthcare needs can be a complex endeavor, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of patients during transfers. Enter "My Mobility Home Health Care," your dedicated supplier of patient lifts, Head office and show room in Barrie Ontario, where we prioritize uplifting the standards of patient care — literally and metaphorically.

Understanding the Essence of Patient Lifts: Patient lifts are invaluable devices, meticulously designed to lift and transition patients securely from one spot to another, such as from beds to baths or chairs to stretchers, distinct from stairway chair lifts and elevators. Available in both manually-operated (hydraulics) and power-source-operated (rechargeable battery) models, these lifts are crafted with various components, including the mast, boom, spreader bar, sling, and several clips or latches to safeguard the patient during movement.

A Blend of Benefits and Potential Risks: While these devices substantially minimize the risk of injury to patients and caregivers when utilized correctly, improper handling can provoke considerable health risks, such as falls resulting in fractures, head traumas, and in dire cases, fatalities.

Safety First: Upholding Best Practices: At "MyMobility Home Health Care", we not only supply but also ardently advocate for the safest use of patient lifts. Here’s a compiled list of best practices to mitigate risks associated with their use:

  • Comprehensive Training: Ensure caregivers are thoroughly trained.

  • Sling Suitability: Match slings to the lifts, considering patient weight and lift compatibility.

  • Vigilant Inspections: Regularly assess sling fabric and straps for wear and tear.

  • Secure Attachments: Fasten all clips and latches securely during operation.

  • Optimal Base Positioning: Maintain the base legs in the maximum open position for stability.

  • Patient Care: Ensure the patient’s arms are inside the sling and they remain calm.

  • Wheel Locking: Ensure wheels are locked on receiving devices like wheelchairs or beds.

  • Weight Limit Adherence: Abide by weight restrictions of lifts and slings.

  • Meticulous Maintenance: Adhere to cleaning and maintenance guidelines and establish a safety inspection routine.

Trusted Patient Lifts Supplier Canada

Enriching Lives, One Lift at a Time: The increasing trend towards the utilization of patient lifts, driven by safe patient handling laws and a collective goal to mitigate patient and caregiver injuries, is palpable. As this usage is poised to soar, "MyMobility Home Health Care" is here to provide quality patient lifts and indispensable advice, ensuring that healthcare providers in Barrie, Bolton, Vaughn, and Toronto are equipped with the best devices and knowledge to enhance the safety and quality of patient care.

Your patient’s safety and caregiver’s wellbeing are paramount to us. Let's elevate the standards of healthcare together with "MyMobility Home Health Care," your trusted partner in providing superior and safe patient mobility solutions.

Get in Touch for Premium Patient Lifts with 'MyMobility Home Health Care'

📍 Address: 434 Tiffin St, Barrie, Ontario 9W8.

📞 Phone: (705)-727-1040

🖷 Fax: (705)-503-1041

Ensuring utmost safety and comfort in patient transfers, 'MyMobility Home Health Care' is your reliable partner in providing first-rate patient lifts. Located conveniently in Barrie, we are dedicated to uplifting your healthcare standards. Contact us today for patient lift inquiries, orders, and to learn how we can elevate your care provision experience. We're here to assist you in enhancing mobility with diligence and care.


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