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Empowering Mobility: Your Guide to Power Wheelchair Rental in Barrie, Ontario.

Updated: Jan 28

In today's fast-paced world, mobility is the key to independence and a high quality of life. For individuals with limited mobility, power wheelchairs can be a game-changer. If you're in Barrie, Bolton, Vaughan, or Toronto, Ontario, and you or a loved one are in need of a power wheelchair rental, you've come to the right place. Welcome to MyMobility Home Health Care, your trusted partner in enhancing mobility and improving lives.

Why Choose MyMobility Home Health Care?

At MyMobility Home Health Care, we understand the significance of mobility for individuals facing physical challenges. Our commitment to providing top-notch power wheelchair rental services has made us a reliable choice for many in the Ontario region. Here's why you should choose us:

Quality and Variety: We offer a wide range of power wheelchairs, each carefully selected for its quality, durability, and comfort. Whether you need a compact model for indoor use or a robust outdoor wheelchair, we have the perfect solution for you.

Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in selecting the most suitable power wheelchair based on your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We believe in personalized solutions to ensure you get the best possible experience.

Delivery and Setup: We go the extra mile by delivering and setting up your power wheelchair at your doorstep. Our experts will also provide you with comprehensive training on how to use the equipment safely and effectively.

Affordability: We understand that medical equipment can be expensive. That's why we offer competitive rental rates, making it accessible to those who need it most.

Customer Support: Our commitment to your mobility doesn't stop after you rent a power wheelchair. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns throughout your rental period.

wheelchair rental in canada

The Rental Process:

Renting a power wheelchair from MyMobility Home Health Care is a straightforward process:

Contact Us: Reach out to us via our website, phone, or visit our store in Barrie Ontario.

Consultation: Our experts will discuss your specific needs and recommend the most suitable power wheelchair model.

Rental Agreement: We'll guide you through the rental agreement, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions.

Delivery and Setup: We'll schedule a convenient time for delivery and set up the power wheelchair at your location.

Training: Our experts will provide you with thorough training on how to operate the equipment safely.

Enjoy Your Mobility: With your power wheelchair rental from MyMobility Home Health Care , you'll regain your independence and enjoy newfound mobility.

Explore the features of our electric wheelchairs:

  • Right-hand or left-hand control options available for rent.

  • Choose between electric wheelchairs with swing-away footrests or foot-plates (subject to availability).

  • Our electric wheelchairs can support weights of up to 400 lbs.

  • Various seat widths, ranging from 16" to 22", are available (subject to availability).

  • All rented electric wheelchairs include a battery charger.

  • We prioritize hygiene, cleaning, and sanitizing all mobility equipment before each use.

  • Our friendly service staff will provide a quick tutorial on operating the electric wheelchair upon delivery or pickup.

  • Please note that we carry various electric wheelchair models, so they may not exactly match the pictured scooters.

r left-hand controlled electric wheelchairs are available for rent

Rental Rates:

  • 1 Week: $160.00

  • 2 Weeks: $280.00

  • 3 Weeks: $320.00

  • 4 Weeks: $360.00

Deposit Requirement: A refundable deposit of $500.00 is necessary to ensure the safe return of the equipment.

Convenient Service: Enjoy the convenience of free local pickup and delivery.

Experience enhanced mobility with our electric wheelchair rentals. Contact us today to reserve your electric wheelchair and regain your independence.

MyMobility Home Health Care is your trusted partner in enhancing mobility and improving the quality of life for individuals in Barrie, Bolton, Vaughan, and Toronto, Ontario. Our commitment to providing quality power wheelchair rentals, personalized guidance, and exceptional customer support sets us apart. Regain your independence and experience the freedom of mobility with MyMobility Home Health Care. Contact us today to start your journey towards enhanced mobility and a better life.

Contact Us for Electric Wheelchair Rentals

Are you ready to regain your mobility and independence? Contact MyMobility Home Health Care today for hassle-free electric wheelchair rentals.

Serving Areas:

  • Simcoe County

  • Orillia

  • The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Contact Information:

Address: 434 Tiffin St, Barrie, Ontario L4N 9W8

Phone: (705)-727-1040

Fax: (705)-503-1041

Our dedicated team has been proudly serving Simcoe County, Orillia, and the GTA since 2007, providing top-quality electric wheelchair rental services. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries, questions, or to reserve your electric wheelchair today.

Regain your freedom and mobility with MyMobility Home Health Care.


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